Michael Kayisms: Tying a Record Held By Many

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's an off day today in Yankeeland, so you know what that means...Michael Kayism day! Today, we will talk about how pointless it is to say a player has tied a record held by many.

For those unfamiliar (but if you watch enough Yankee games, you are) whenever a player records all three outs in one inning it prompts Michael Kay to say "and he ties a record held by many."

For example, the first out of the inning will be a groundout to Mark Teixeira. The second out is popped up to Teixeira. The third out is another grounder to Teixeira. As Teixeira records the final out Kay will say something along the lines of this: "Pretty play by Teixeira as he makes all three put outs in the inning, tying a record held by many."

Ok, so if it is a record held by many, why even bother saying it in the first place? If it is something many players before him have accomplished, why make it noteworthy? I mean, he could say he made all three put outs, but why say he ties a record held by many? And why stop there when there are plentY of other plays in a game that have happened before. He can easily say someone tied a record held by many in any other circumstance in a game (not that I condone he should).

Say A.J. Burnett strikes out the side. Kay doesn't say, "Burnett strikes out thre batters in one inning, tying a record held by many." Or if Jeter and Damon lead off the game with back-t0-back doubles he won't say, "Back-to-back doubles by the first two batters in the game, tying a record held by many."

Basically what I am trying to say is that you cannot say he ties a record held by many because if it has happened so many times, it really isn't a record. Technically, the amount of times someone has made three putouts in an inning would be the record, but nobody keeps track of this, because it is a common occurence. Baseball has been played for over 120 years and the same player making all three putouts in an inning has probably happened thousands of times.

I know when dealing with Kayisms it could get a bit confusing, but if you didn't understand some of the above just read this. It pretty much explains much of what I tried saying. Just remember, today we tied a record held by many trying to make sense (that's another one, make sense of things) of Michael Kay. See how stupid and pointless it was to say that?


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