GAME 110: Yankees vs Red Sox

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lineups via PeteAbe
YANKEES (67-42, First Place AL East)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF
Molina C
Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (11-7, 3.95).

RED SOX (62-46, Second Place AL East)
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis LF
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Kotchman 1B
Green SS
Pitching: RHP Clay Buchholz (1-1, 6.05).

Notes: I am still a little exhausted being at the game last night and having to wake up early this morning, so I'll just run quickly with some notes...They Yankees are on a 5-game winning streak and have a 4.5 game lead over the Red Sox...Mariano Rivera has not allowed a run and struck out 20 batters in his last 20.1 innings pitched...Alex Rodriguez is tied with Harmon Killebrew with 573 career HRs.
David Ortiz: Ortiz held a press conference today regarding why his name was on the 2003 positive test list. And, we still don't know why, but he said he never took steroids and purchased over the counter vitamins and supplements. It sounded like he may have took Andro, which is what Mark McGwire took, but we never got any full answers. Of course, everyone is giving him a pass, but I have already found something that questions Ortiz's credibility. He said he purchased these "vitamins and supplements" from both the US and the Dominican Republic. So, I did some research and found this: Read the part that says reason for use. A very interesting quote from Big Papi; it is opposite of what he said earlier today. His credibility goes right out the door for me.

UPDATE 4:41: Bucholz's parents must be cousins or something. He is one ugly dude. He is from Texas, so it's a possibility.

UPDATE 4:48: I know the game's going on but I need to reiterate my disgust over this whole Ortiz thing. I just read an article on Newsday about how we should put aside everything in the Ortiz thing and realize he is a victim for having his rights violated. Hello? So was A-Rod, Sosa, Manny, and the other players who's names have been released. There is a bigger picture here, and it's that we don't know why Ortiz is on the list and what supplements he was taking. People still think A-Rod isn't being truthful, then what the hell is Ortiz if that's the case? Sorry, I just need to rant right there. CC hasn't allowed a baserunner through 3.

UPDATE 5:05: A run! And it didn't take 15 innings!

UPDATE 5:17: CC has 4 scoreless, baserunnerless innings.

UPDATE 5:35: Hey everyone, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are discussing why they aren't superstitous and can say whatever they wish to on-air. I, however, am superstitous. And if you are too, maybe you should mute your TV (if you havn't already) if CC keeps it up.

UPDATE 5:46: CC allowed a baserunner on a walk, but that is it. He's at 81 pitches already. Some quick groundouts would be helpful next inning.

UPDATE 5:54: I hope Youkilis is in leffield tommorow when I'm sitting out there. It seems like the fans are having so much fun when he misplays a routine ball.

UPDATE 6:06: There goes the no-no. His pitch count was too high anyway, maybe another day. Now the game is on the line and he K's Pedroia to end the inning. Seven strikeouts though. I hope they throw that arguing elf out of the game if hes going to complain about that call.

UPDATE 6:10: Almost forgot to put this in the notes so I'll mention it now. The Yankees called up Josh Towers from AAA Scranton and sent Melancon down and moved Marte to the 60-day DL. Mark Feinsand has a funny story on Towers that Yankees fans remember a couple years back.

UPDATE 6:33: What a double play to end the inning. Jeter jumped over Youkillis with the ball in his hand, landed, stepped and threw to first and still got Lowell. Wow. I don't know how you don't beat that out.

UPDATE 6:41: So Ramon Ramirez throws up and in at Teixeira. Then he hits A-Rod in the elbow. Umpire threw him out with no hesitation. LOL. Now Francona is freaking out over this.

UPDATE 7:01: Two-out bases loaded walk for Swisher. 3-0 Yankees hopefully Melky can put this game out of reach.

UPDATE 7:02: Nope. Groundout to first.

UPDATE 7:13: Another great game going on here. CC leaves after 7 2/3 with 9 strikeouts and 0 earned runs. Him and Burnett last night recieved HUGE standing ovations. They both earned their pinstripes this weekend, no doubt about it. And to top it off Hughes gets a K to end the eighth. Great pitching by the Yankees today.

UPDATE 7:20: A home run for Rivera and it's 5-0. That ball hit the bottom of the foul pole it looked like and this game is blown open. Red Sox offense is MIA.


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