Game 109: Red Sox at Yankees

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sorry for the extremely late post, but John is at the game and I was stuck at my real job all day. This has been another great baseball game in this storied rivalry. Hopefully the Yanks can pull out a win.

UPDATE 10:06: By the way, John texted me and told me that he started yelling at a Red Sox fan sitting behind him. Hopefully he doesn't get banned from the Stadium, because we're going to Sunday's game.

UPDATE 10:08: Great at-bat so far here by Damon.

UPDATE 10:16: I wonder if A-Rod will try to steal second, get in scoring position.

UPDATE 10:20: It's up to Jorge now. Hopefully AJ will get the opportunity to pie his catcher in the face in a couple of minutes.

UPDATE 10:24: BONUS CANTOS! Thankfully, Kay doesn't say that anymore. Our bullpen is now going to be tested. I bet Girardi is second-guessing himself for only using Hughes for one out.

Quick story: I helped cook John Stewart's lunch today. Why he was at the Seagull's Nest? I have no idea.

UPDATE 10:31: It's August 7. It's 70 degrees outside. But this feels like October baseball right now. The game hangs on every pitch. This is why I love this game.

UPDATE 10:36: The Walk-Off Wonder, Melky Cabrera is due up third this inning. This is where we win the game.

UPDATE 10:40: Hinske coming up to try and hit yet another home run as a Yankee.

UPDATE 10:43: Okay Melk/Pie Man, let's get it done.

UPDATE 10:47: Jeter vs. Papelbon to decide whether or not we move to the 11th.

UPDATE 10:49: Prepare for Kay's voice to crack 10 times in 10 seconds if Jeter gets a hit here.

UPDATE 10:53: So Papelbon strikes out Jeter and we move to the 11th. It's only because the Yankees haven't made that amazing defensive play that we make before we beat the Red Sox in big games (Jeter's dive, Melky's catch, etc...)

UPDATE 10:58: That play by Tex will work, so let's beat You-Know-Who. (It's not a Harry Potter reference, click the link)

UPDATE 11:04: I would really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like the Yanks to make Papelscum the loser of this game.

UPDATE 11:05: I can't give Kay crap about the call on that one, because I was sitting here trying to will that ball over the wall, too. A-Rod's due.

UPDATE 11:09: You've got to think that Papelscum is done, so we'll just have to settle for beating one of the lesser pitchers in the Boston bullpen. Aceves is going to give the Yankees some innings here.

UPDATE 11:16: Ace is living up to his nickname right now. This is too good of a pitching performance to waste.

UPDATE 11:20: The Yankees are definitely making a killing on concessions tonight.

UPDATE 11:26: I thought for sure that Cano was going to get a hit there. The runner was on first, not second.

UPDATE 11:29: Ok, this is Melky's like 3rd chance to win the game, he's due.

UPDATE 11:34: I don't know if I'll be able to watch this. Bruney in there to (hopefully) get these 3 outs.

UPDATE 11:40: Bruney just went all Darth Vader on me with my lack of faith.

UPDATE 11:50: Ok A-Rod. Let's do this sometimes today. Literally. You've got 10 minutes.

UPDATE 11:55: So this Friday-night game will be decided on Saturday morning. Grab a caffeinated beverage, sit back, and watch a great game. That's what I'm going to do. I'll be back for the recap.


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