Yanks Embarass Themselves, Fans

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nationals 3 8 0
Yankees 0 7 0

WP: Stammen (1-0)
LP: Chamberlain (3-2)
S: McDougal (2)

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Craig Stammen. This guy made his first big-league win a memorable one. Shutting out the New York Yankees.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Willie Harris's diving catch in the 7th inning to rob A-Rod of a double. Harris dove toward the wall and made a remarkable catch, also if you believe in the "fallacy of predetermined outcome" (sorry for the Kay phrase) A-Rod scores later in that inning.

HONORABLE MENTION: Brett Gardner's leaping catch in left-center field. Gardner made a spectacular catch and was roughed up a bit. It looked like he may have suffered a concussion, but it was the only play where the Yankees showed some heart all game.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Derek Jeter's pinch-hit at bat. Jeter was sidelined today with a stiff left ankle, but came out of the dugout with the bases loaded in the 7th inning to hit for Pena. He grounded out to short, ending any sort of rally the Yankees could put together.


  • They played the [expletive of you choice] Nationals!!!!! They had 16 wins coming into the series on June 16th!!! If this team really is a postseason-caliber team they sweep this series, or win 2 of 3 at the least. All 3 games the Yankees looked very lackadaisical and have played awful, awful baseball. The only positive in this series was that our bullpen did not give up any runs. But its the freaking Nationals and shouldn't anyway, right?

  • Joba Chamberlain. Starter or Reliever? I am all for Joba being a starter. I believe that a starter is more valuable as a reliever, and someone with Joba's stuff can be the ace of a staff in the future. But there has to be some consistency in his starts. There are days he is lights out, then there are days where he couldn't throw a strike if he had a GPS to tell him where the plate is. I always have said, failed starters become relievers. Well, at this rate, Joba may be pitching himself into the bullpen if he can't throw strikes and go deep into the games.

  • A-Rod. I'm tired of ranting. This guy just plain sucks right now. Give him a day off.

  • At least the Yankees are a very generous group. They let the fans who waited out a 5 1/2 hour rain delay sit in the seats close to the field and they let all fans with tickets to todays game get a free non premium seat ticket to a game of their choice. They also gave Stammen his first career win today, and they saved Manny Acta's job, for the next 3 days.


Yankees at Marlins

Andy Pettitte (6-3, 4.52) vs Sean West (2-1. 3.00)



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