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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Manny Ramirez made a rehab start in the minor leagues in the midst of a 50-game suspension. From the way this story is being covered, it is like he is coming back from an injury. Well he isn't. In case you forgot, he is suspended because he took a banned substance (women's fertility drug), which many believe to be used after a cycle of steroids. Everyone is all happy he is comingback and ESPN was cutting into his at-bats, similar to when Roger Clemens kept coming back from retirement. I think this whole thing is more of a disgrace than the Yankees offense.

The man cheated and is suspended and he is still allowed to play in a minor league game. Yesterday on Around the Horn, LA Times columnist, Bill Plashcke made an excellent point. He said, "This is a joke, that is why I am not there covering it. He is suspended from major league baseball yet he is allowed to use Dodgers facilities, play for Dodgers-related teams, and use Dodgers funded bats and balls, that is absurd. Letting him play in the minors is like letting someone suspended from school have someone hand in their homework, take night classes, and have the teacher tutor them while they are out."

I agree wholeheartedly with Plaschke; it is absurd. I know the coverage of A-Rod was just as big as Manny's, but it seems liek Manny coming back is being taken in a lighter matter. Everyone is happy he is coming back and I just get the vibe that people are missing the big picture. He cheated and is still serving a 50-game suspension. Maybe if he did these "rehab" starts after the 50-game suspension I would not have a problem with it. But this a problem Major League Baseball needs to address. If Bud Selig truly wants to make an example out of the cheaters in baseball, he would have never let Manny Ramirez near a Dodgers-related facility during the time of his suspension. The minor leagues won't do anything about it too, because they are making tons of money off this.

Once again major league baseball fails to look at the real problem here and instead of a suspension, Manny ends up with a vacation.


bman June 24, 2009 at 6:51 PM  

i couldnt agree more.

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