Marlins 6 Yankees 5...Time to Panic?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yankees 5 8 1
Marlins 6 9 0

WP: Volstad (5-7)
LP: Bombko (0-2)
S: Lidstrom (14)

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Chris Volstad. Other than 3 runs in the third inning, Volstad did enough to beat the Yankees. They Yankees never got anything going after that inning, and continued to struggle offensively. Give credit to Volstad for buckling down after that rough third inning.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Cody Ross's solo HR off Brett Bombko (It's the nickname he got when he played for the Dodgers). Ross put the Marlins up 4-3 and never had to look back after that.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Hanley Ramirez's 2-run HR off Bombko (notice a trend). Aceves just shut down the Marlins making an emergency appearance after Sabathia came out of the game. But Ramirez changed everything with his home run. The home run sparked the Marlins to rally and beat the Yankees.

(To Ken Singleton and Paul O'Neill) "You know when you guys had no doubt you would be major league players. When I played Little League everyone had no doubt I WOULDN'T be a major league player."

Can anyone picture Michael Kay playing any sport?


  • Sabathia left the game after 1.1 IP with a tight left bicep. Hopefully it is nothing big, because this guy is the only person who I have confidence in.
  • A-Rod went 1-4 with an 2RBI single and 2K's. Nothing great, nothing horrible. We'll see how he does against the Braves.
  • Volstad is a guy who has some good stuff, but lately he has been roughed up and lost his last 4 starts. The Yankees couldn't get anymore than 3 runs off this guy. Their offense is struggling badly.
  • I wrote how the Boston Red Sox series wasn't a big deal. That the team needs to put it past them and continue to play like they did beforehand. I don't know if that series completely depleted this team or what, because including the Red Sox series, the Yankees are 4-8. They are 4-5 in interleague play, usually a part of the schedule the Yankees dominate. Maybe it's been all the rain, but I feel like it's April watching this team play.

Tommorow is an off day. They will play the Atlanta Braves Tuesday.


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