RIVERA PICKS UP SAVE #500 Yankees 4-Mets 2

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yankees 4 4 0
Mets 2 5 0

WP: Chien-Mien Wang (about time) (1-6)
LP: Livan Hernandez (5-3)
S: Mariano Rivera (18, 500th of his career)


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a. He picked up the 500th save of his career with a four out save while wriggling out of a jam in the bottom of the 8th. He also picked up the 1st RBI of his career by drawing a bases loaded walk against Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Alex Rodriguez getting the force at second on a bunt by Argenis Reyes. It was not only a nice play by A-Rod and a nice pick by Derek Jeter, but it kept the tying run out of scoring position.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Mark Teixiera RBI double in the first inning. It set the tone for the game after the first two games and gave Wang some breathing room before he even took the mound.

  • The Yankees showed up at Citi Field at the perfect time. The Yanks needed a little boost and the Mets were ready to play the part of a doormat.
  • Today was not a dominating performance in any stretch of the imagination for Chien-Mien Wang, but he finally picked up his first win of the season. That will surely help him out mentally and he pitched well enough for Girardi to leave him in the rotation.
  • The Mets are in trouble. They need reinforcements as soon as possible and they need to start executing the fundamentals better if they are going to succeed the way Mets fans want them to.
  • Sad note as many of you may have heard, Billy Mays of OxyClean commercial fame passed away this morning. Mays poked a little fun at himself with some ESPN360 commercials a couple of months ago.


Hawkeye June 30, 2009 at 2:17 AM  

and Rivera has his first RBI in the same night on top of everything... funny how things work out sometimes

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