We now call to the stand... David Cone?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well, another baseball player will be appearing before the Senate, but this time, it is not about steroids.

As you may or may not know (and if you don't know, you shouldn't have slept through US History), Supreme Court Justices must be confirmed by the Senate and are interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee prior to confirmation. President Barack Obama's nominee, Sonia Sotmayor, will have her hearing next week.

Apparently, Sotmayor will have former Major League pitcher David Cone on the stand to testify. Cone was heavily involved in the Players Union during the 1994 Strike (aka The Lost Year). This from the New York Times:

David Cone, the former pitcher, presumably will echo President Obama’s claim that Judge Sotomayor saved baseball when she ended the 1995 strike.

I really hope he doesn't speak in those short choppy sentences like he does on air, that will be kind of embarrassing. And you know Michael Kay will mention it on air a thousand times when it happens so you'll hear about it again.

This is unrelated, but I am watching SportsCenter. The Yankees highlight comes on. Some guy at the Metrodome had a #4 Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jersey, so the anchor goes on some rant about the Viking trainer going down to Mississippi to check on Favre's arm. In the middle of the highlight! I know they love to beat the Favre thing to death, and then beat it to death some more, but do they really need to do it in the middle of a baseball highlight?


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