Yankees 5 Tigers 3

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tigers 3 10 3
Yankees 5 13 1

WP: Hughes (4-2)
LP: Zumaya (3-3)
S: Rivera (24)

PLAYER OF THe GAME: Phil "Phranchise" Hughes. The guy struck out 6 batters in 2 innings of relief. Enough said.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Melky Cabrera throwing out Miguel Cabrera from right field. Miguel hit a ball off the wall and the Melkman threw him out from teh rightfield scoreboard at second base.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Mark Teixeira's 3-run shot in the second deck to put the Yankees up 5-3.


  • Hughes was absolutely filthy today. He threw 40 pitches, 30 for strikes. I wonder if not for the rain delay, would Hughes have gone out for a third inning? And was Girardi letting Hugehs pitch 2 innings stretching him out for a start in the future? Watch the YES postgame for answers.

  • Burnett did not have his best stuff today. But he kept them in the game going 6 innings and allowing only 3 runs.

  • Nice to see Tex come through in the clutch and starting to get that home run swing back.


Yankees vs Tigers 1:05 ET Yankee Stadium

Sabthia vs Verlander....matchup of the aces.


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