Yanks may use 3-man rotation for ALCS

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As reported by Sam Borden from the LoHud Yankees Blog, Joe Girardi and the Yankees are "definitely considering" using only three starters for the ALCS against the Angles.

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If they do, the rotation would set up like this:

Game 1 (Friday, Oct 16 in NY): Sabathia
Game 2 (Saturday, Oct 17 in NY): Burnett
Game 3 (Monday, Oct 19 in LA): Pettitte
Game 4 (Tuesday, Oct 20 in LA: Sabathia (on short rest)
Game 5*: (Thursday, Oct 22 in LA): Burnett
Game 6*: (Saturday, Oct 24 in NY): Pettitte
Game 7*: (Sunday, Oct 25 in NY): Sabathia
*If necessary

Sabathia would be able to pitch 3 times in the event of a seven-game series. This would allow the Yankees to keep Joba in the bullpen, and not have to use Chad Gaudin in a pressure-packed situation. Joba hasn't started since September 30 when he gave up 3 runs on 7 hits in 3.2 innings against the Royals. Gaudin hasn't pitched at all since October 3rd when he came in in relief against the Rays for 1.1 scoreless innings.

I think if you can get Sabathia three starts, and he feels comfortable with it, you have to do it. He hasn't had to go on short rest all season and he had a light workload in September, so he's well-rested.You already have Joba in bullpen mode, so leave him there, and they can fix all the problems with him in the off-season and Spring Training. I will put up with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talking about him pitching on short rest a million times (assuming I haven't already muted the TV permanently by Game 4) to watch Sabathia get the ball again.

While helping the rotation, it also helps the bullpen. With Joba, Hughes, and Mo in the back end, and Coke (hopefully not Choke), Aceves, and Robertson in the middle innings, the bullpen will be solid.

While I don't know, because of superstition, if we will do a series preview, but we might do a scouting report-type post on the Angels. Either way, we will still provide news as it happens throughout the week.

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