Yanks Down 0-1, My World Series Experience

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yesterday I put a perfect 9-0 record at the New Yankee Stadium on the line, but just like the Patriots my luck ran out in the most important game.

First, I made the decision to ask my roommate who happens to be a Red Sox fan to go to the game with me. He wore a Red Sox hat and Chase Utley shirt and took a lot of abuse from the fans there.

Unfortunately that was the only thing that made me happy at the game yesterday.

CC Sabathia struggled, but pitched well enough for a victory. However, Cliff Lee was better, going the distance with a complete game and striking out 10 batters, in a 6-1 victory.

Entering the STadium last night, you knew that this game was the main event to be at in New York, as it was jam-packed. Anyone who had a seat in the field level section had to go through metal detectors. This caused a pretty big traffic jam if you wanted to walk around the lower level.

The pre-game ceremonies were nothing spectacular, the usual suspects such as the big U.S. flag, Yogi Berra, and United States military personnel were there. There was also First Lady Michelle Obama, which hopefully is the only reason why they had metal detectors.

However, I was a bit dissappointed that they didn't have George Steinbrenner come out for the ceremonies or at least show him on the big TV during the game.

The Legends Suites finally looked full...untill after the first inning when it seemed like half of them left. It is just hard to have that playoff feel when the seats closest to the action have gaps of people in them.

Lastly, there were Phillies fans, but not an overwhelming amount like there was back in May. There will probably be just as many Yankee fans down the turnpike when we go there for game 3.

Overall, my World Series luck is running out. The first three World Series games I went to all ended on walk-off hits. The last two...complete game dominance by the opposing pitcher (last one before yesterday was 2003 game 6).

We will talk more about the Yankees problems in the game post for tonight. So check back before first pitch at 7:57 for lineups and notes on tonight's game, as well as our opinion on the idiotic remarks Pedro made yesterday.


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