I Don't Want to Miss a Thing: Yanks win classic game

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Angels 3 8 2
Yankees 4 13 3

WP: Robertson
LP: Santana

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Alex Rodriguez. He has gotten the Playoff (Rally) Monkey off his back and now is beating it to a pulp. (Don't come after me PETA.) He only had one hit, but it was a big one as it tied the game in the 11th inning after the Angels had gone ahead. After another right-center field home run to tie the game, it's almost to the point where we expect this from A-Rod.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Just another a great moment this postseason gave the Yankees and the fans the feeling that we were going to win this game.

PLAY OF THE GAME: While it may have been an anti-climactic way to end the game, the error that allowed Jerry Harriston, Jr. to score was obviously the most important play of the game.


  • I can only imagine the scene at Yankee Stadium after that game. I'm sure it was worth the pneumonia John probably caught after sitting in the cold for 5 straight hours.
  • With a game like this, it's a huge lift for the Yankees and a bit of a downer for the Angels. But as the saying goes, momentum stops with the next games starting pitcher. So it's up to Andy to stay the course with a solid start on Monday (which is tomorrow now).
  • The Yankees pitchers stranded 16 runners on base and the bullpen allowed 5 hits and only one run in 6.2 innings of work.
  • If you take a step back from the excitement of this game, it was pretty sloppy defensively and both offenses wasted a lot of opportunities. The teams combined for 5 errors and 28 runners left on base. It's not exactly clean baseball but, in the Yankees case, a win is a win is a win.
  • Even though it didn't matter in the outcome of the game, the Aybar play was the right call. I HATE the neighborhood play. There are ways to touch the base, protect yourself, and get rid of the ball. If Little Leaguers and High Schoolers can do it, why can't Major Leaguers?
  • The game lasted 5 hours and 10 minutes. Just for something to compare that to, the Yankees-Red Sox 15 inning game lasted 5 hours and 33 minutes.
  • Two thoughts from watching the YES Network post-game show: 1) Only Michael Kay could wear that hat and get away with it. 2) Great, now we get to listen to Mike Francesa yell at the people who call into his show on Sunday mornings, too.
  • And I think this was probably the best pie from AJ. He had the element of surprise going for him because no one knew who he was going to pie. He could have gone for Melky or A-Rod, but decided to go for Harriston.
  • Photo from ESPN.com
Game 3 ALCS:
Yankees at Angels
Monday 4 PM ET (which means I will be sprinting back to my dorm from class)
Pettitte vs. Kazmir

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