Hey Boston, Stop Crying!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ok, I meant to post this yesterday but was very busy. As everyone knows, Sunday was not the best day to be a New England sports fan. The Red Sox get eliminated, the Patriots lost to Josh McDaniels, and the Bruins lost as well. But Jesus effin Christ I can't believe what I hear out of the mouths of Boston fans these last few days. Going to school in Connecticut, I am right on the Mason-Dixon line of the New York-Boston rivalry and hear how these fans react everyday. Here are a couple of quotes I've heard:

"[Sunday] was one of the worst days of my life.I don't know how it gets any worse than that."

Cry me a freakin river. It's not like you were the only city to lose in three different sports on the same day. Plus only one of your teams season actually ended.

"Can you believe we haven't won anything since the Celtics won the Finals two years ago?"

This I don't understand. I figured out of all sports fans, the fans from Boston would be the most grateful for every championship they win. Over the last decade, these fans have gone from loveable losers to the point where they feel entitled to win everything. Two years without a championship holy freaking crap I don't know how anyone can go two full years without winning a championship.

Not only did I hear it from Boston fans at my school, but read Monday's article by Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, who talks about how this generation's young fans never understood the pain Boston felt until now.

Or check out Bill Simmons' (ESPN's The Sports Guy) twitter account. Dubbing 10/11/09 as "Black Sunday."

Could there be a group of more pathetic fans in sports?

Now not all fans of Boston teams acted like this. I've witnessed some take defeat graciously, and some act like I would have and called for Papelbon's head instead of crying how they havn't won anything in two years.

But seriously "Red Sox Nation" get a bleeping grip, because you guys are the most successful city in sports this decade but you just take it all for granted.

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