Can We Make the Pitcher Hit When We Play the A's?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well Dallas Braden still isn't happy over the fact A-Rod walked over "his mound." He said that something has to happen with A-Rod and that he only plays for the name on his back. He also took a shot at A-Rod's comments, (which had to do with Braden's track record) by saying "I didn't know there was a criteria to play against A-Rod."

Honestly, I wish there was no DH so someone like Burnett can just drill this guy in the ass. This incident happened two weeks ago, get over it. I hope A-Rod crushes a monster 600-foot home run off Braden next time, skip first base and cut across the mound to get to third and spit on it too. And next time you say he only plays for the name on the back keep in mind he just won the World Series and knows what it's all about to be on a championship winning team. So Dallas, have fun trying to crack 10 wins and keeping your ERA below 5.00, meanwhile A-Rod will be on his way to another 30 HR 100 RBI season and crushing bombs in October. So please go join Curt Schilling, and shut up.

Yanks-Sox tomorrow...I'm thinking another gem from Phil "the phenom" Hughes, what about you?


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