Which Upcoming Series is More Exciting?

Monday, May 17, 2010

First of all, let me go on the record saying two-game series are the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Now, tonight the Yankees host the Red Sox for the first time at the Stadium, but to me it seems like this rivalry is beginning to lose a bit of its luster. This is the seventh time in the first six weeks of the season that these two teams are facing each other and I'm not all that excited for it. It may be because they've faced each other too much in a short period of time, or because of the Yankees dominance over them this season, or the fact that the Red Sox are trying to dig themselves out of fourth place of the AL East.

Anyway, I'm not as pumped up about facing the Red Sox as I usually am. I know last time out there were some fireworks with some hit batsmen, but I just feel like tonight isn't as exciting as it should be. There's just something missing.

That being said, Wednesday and Thursday night against the Tampa Bay Rays is what I'm looking forward to most. I do have tickets for Wednesday night's game, but they are also battling for first place right now which makes those games more exciting.

So I ask you, what series are you more excited for?

The two-game series against the Red Sox?
The two-game series against the Rays?
Or, the three-game subway series against the Mets?

Feel free to comment on why you are more excited for the particular series.


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