Strasburg in Syracuse

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Friday, 2009 First Overall Draft Pick Stephen Strasburg made his first start with the AAA Syracuse Chiefs. Since I'm here until my last final exam tomorrow, I went to see him in person.

He went 6 innings, threw 65 pitches, gave up 1 hit, and struck out 6. He also had a hit and 2 RBI's. His fastball was topping out at 98-99, but it was even more impressive how well he could locate it. He threw several 98 mph fastballs at the knees, leaving the Gwinett Braves looking like Little Leaguers. His "secondary" pitches were just as nasty, and yes, the quotes are necessary. People would kill to have his secondary pitches. His slider had tremendous horizontal and vertical movement. Then he throws his changeup at 81 mph. When batters are gearing up for 98 and get 81, they basically have enough time to swing at the pitch twice. And the only words I can use to describe his curveball are "sick and nasty." He should have to pitch lefty to these guys in the Minors, it's just not fair.

I've got a few camera pics from the game:

Some of the media that was there to watch Strasburg pitch

Strasburg warming up in the bullpen

This has nothing to do with Strasburg, but it was Triple A Safety Patrol night, so these are the people who would be pulling out the tazers if we decided to run across the field. (My friend's dad actually texted him and sarcastically told him he should run on the field. We told him we didn't think it was a good idea.)

Yanks go for the sweep of the Sawks tonight with AJ Burnett on the mound. We'll be back with the lineups later.

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