Wrapping Up a Day in the Bronx

Monday, May 3, 2010

So I just wanted to share a few more things with everyone about my trip to Yankee Stadium.

I took a quick picture of what's left of the old Yankee Stadium on my phone as I was leaving the Stadium.

It's kind of sad. I wish they would have just blown the place up like they did with the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I probably would have gone to watch, for two reasons: 1) It'd be a part of Yankee history and 2) Who doesn't like watching stuff blow up?

Another thing I really don't like regarding the old Stadium is the Bat. I couldn't get a decent picture of it, but it's still standing in it's original location (here's an old picture if you're not sure what I'm talking about) , which now means it stands next to a pile of rubble. It's just hanging out there all by itself. I knew they hadn't moved it over, but I figured it was coming down, too. There are obviously three options:

  1. Leave the bat where it is
  2. Move it next to the New Stadium
  3. Tear it down completely
My vote is for #2, because the Bat is just like a part of the Stadium itself. But, my second choice is #3. If they aren't going to make it part of the New Stadium, just tear it down like the Old Stadium.

This is probably the first time we've ever touched on an ultra-serious news story, but if you haven't heard about the failed car-bomb in Times Square, you need to spend more time reading the NY Times than our blog. If you are wondering, I did not notice anything extremely different with the security (which I guess is what they want you to think, right?) They still allowed people to bring bags in to the Stadium. They guard at the gate gave me a once-over and took a look under my hat, but nothing special. I guess I don't look too intimidating.

CC on the mound against the Orioles, who are coming off a sweep of the Boston Red Sox, tonight.
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