Shut Up Curt

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earlier today, former Red Sox Idiot and current ESPN Idiot Curt Schilling said that Javier Vazquez won't thrive in the AL on his ESPN Radio show. It hasn't looked good for Vazquez, who is off to a poor start but for Schilling to go out and say he won't thrive in the AL is a bit premature. Keep in mind Vazquez was an All-Star his first time out in the AL with the Yankees in 2004 before his season went downhill. The Yankees have said that Vazquez has some mechanical issues they are working on and once they fix that they will most certainly be the most unbeatable team in the majors. I'll admit I'm no Javy Vazquez fan but I'll get his back when someone like Schilling starts talking out of his ass.

As a matter of fact, I hope Schilling's comments fire Vazquez up and make him go out there and prove him wrong and shut that fat piece of crap up. I know it has me fired up. But I've hated Curt Schilling since 2001, and hate him more than Pedro, Manny, Kevin Millar, Kevin Youkillis, Papelbum, Varitek, and David Ortiz combined. So I doubt Vazquez has that kind of feelings toward this guy.


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