What To Do About the All Star Game?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ty Wigginton, Omar Infante, Jason Heyward, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Matt Capps, Fausto Carmona, Yadier Molina, Jose Reyes.

Joey Votto, Kevin Youkilis, Paul Konerko, Heath Bell, Matt Latos, Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver, Andy Pettitte, Mike Pelfrey, Jamie Garcia, Miguel Olivo, Billy Wagner.

The difference between the two sets of names you see is that one group is on the All Star team and the others were left off. Obviously, regardless of how you select All-Stars, there will be some snubbed, but wow was it pathetic this year.

How in the world can you justify having Omar Infante on the team over first half NL MVP Joey Votto? And how can Ty Wigginton, who returned back to earth after a superb first six weeks, make the team over both Paul Konerko (who is tied for second in the AL with 20 HR) and Kevin Youkilis? (who leads the league in runs, is third in OBP, and also has 17 HR and a first half MVP candidate).

Then you have CC Sabathia and Fausto Carmona, who are both having good seasons, chosen over the likes of Andy Pettitte, Jered Weaver, and Felix Hernandez, who are all having great seasons.

The NL roster does not have a single pitcher from the San Diego Padres, who lead the majors in ERA. Meanwhile they have Matt Capps who has allowed 25 more hits this season than Billy Wagner, who was left off.

And even though this is a Yankees blog, we still recognize Alex Rodriguez has not had the greatest first half of a season and Youkilis and Konerko may be more deserving.

Due to injuries, the new rule where pitchers starting the Sunday before the All Star game cannot be eligible to pitch in the game, and the fans voting in the last roster spot, there will be some additions to each team. But in the meantime, if this game is going to "count," what can MLB do to fix it?

My first proposition is to eliminate the fan voting. I know many fans enjoy the voting even I like doing it, but it's become a joke over the last few years. The fans can't be dependable to put the best team on the field. Yadier Molina should not be the starting catcher over Brian McCann. Chase Utley has been injured and underperforming all year, and Jason Heyward's been hurt most of the season as well, and they are starting. Mark Teixeira was almost selected to the team and he's been a major disappointment this season. If it counts, then the fans shouldn't be voting, because it's just a popularity contest with the fans.

I also think they should eliminate the rule that every team needs to be represented. A lot of times this is the reason why players are snubbed. The Wigginton instead of Konerko/Youkilis is Evidence A. And maybe you can make a case Matt Latos or Heath Bell could be represented over the Pirates' Evan Meek (although he's having an excellent season as well). Basically, many players' hard work is not being recognized because they have to take someone else just to represent each team.

By fixing these two things, I think it is the right step in the direction of fixing the All Star Game. The game is meant to have the best players in the league playing against each other for home-field advantage in the World Series, and if the best players aren't out there, then it loses some of its integrity.

But hey, at least they didn't select Stephen Strasburg, who only has six starts in the majors. Imagine how much more ticked off Mike Pelfrey, Jamie Garcia, Mat Latos, Heath Bell, Billy Wagner, and Clayton Kershaw would be?


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