Send Swish to All-Star Game

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kevin Youkilis is leading the vote for the final spot on the AL team for the 2010 All-Star game. This is UNACCEPTABLE, so I'm gonna give you all the reasons why Swisher should be the last man voted on the team, and then I'm gonna tell you how to vote him in.

Why Swisher should be on the team.

  1. If Swisher doesn't go to the ASG, Kevin Youkilis will.
  2. Swisher's having a great season so far, with a .296/13/47 year.
  3. If Swisher doesn't go to the ASG, Kevin Youkilis will.
  4. If the game goes deep into extra innings, Swisher can pitch.
  5. If Swisher doesn't go to the ASG, Kevin Youkilis will.
  6. Ty Wiggington's already on the team. If a .251 hitter is gonna be on the All-Star team, Nick Swisher should be, too.
  7. If Swisher doesn't go to the ASG, KEVIN YOUKILIS will.
Ok, I think I've proved my point, so now to tell you how to cheat the system.

First things first, you go here and fill out the ballot. For anyone concerned about giving out their email address, just make one up (more on that in a second). Then click Nick Swisher for the AL and anyone else for the NL (and if you don't vote for Joey Votto, your an idiot). Then you vote up to 25 times. Oh wait, once you reach the limit, you just make up a new email address and keep voting. And it keeps all your other info so all you need to put in is the validation key.

If Youkilis gets voted in over Swisher, I will be disappointed in Yankee fans everywhere.
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