Swisher to Compete in HR Derby

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nick Swisher will be competing in the Home Run Derby on Monday July 12. His announcement comes two days after the fans selected him as the final All Star for the American League team. Obviously, this will become an issue inside the Yankees clubhouse after the coaches already expressed dismay when Robinson Cano was going to compete in it before a minor back injury caused him to pull out. (I think they faked it). Now Girarde and Kevin Long will be getting questions on whether Swisher should compete or not.

I think they'll have less of a problem with Swisher competing than with Cano. I know I do. The Yankees coaching staff has put so much work and effort into making Cano a complete hitter over the last two years, they did not want to see it all go away because of the Home Run Derby. Swisher, on the other hand, is a born power hitter. That's what he's done his entire career up until this year, when the Yankees finally got him to start hitting for average. The only thing I'm worried about is if this will cause Swish get in a habit of swinging for the fences every at bat. Hopefully not, and if he's quickly eliminated we won't have to worry.


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