Bob Sheppard dies at age of 99

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sad news in not only the Yankees community, but in the sports world as well. Longtime legendary Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard passed away at the age of 99. Sheppard called his first game as PA announcer in Yankee Stadium in 1950 and his last in 2007, after he left citing health reason. He was also the New York Giants PA annoucner from 1956-2006. Sheppard was a huge part of the Yankee Stadium experience. Everytime he would greet the fans, "Hello everybody, and welcome to Yankee Stadium" goosebumps had to run down everyone's back. I know I had them. Sheppard was honored by the Yankees in 2000 when they gave him a monument alongside the Yankee greats in Monument Park and it reads, "Voice of the Yankees." Other nicknames of Sheppard included the "Voice of God."

Honestly, anyone who has ever been to Yankee Stadium, probably played baseball in their backyard as a kid, picturing and imitating Bob Sheppard calling your name as you stepped to the plate. His voice will still echo off the walls in Yankee Stadium, because thanks to Derek Jeter, we will always hear him say, "Now batting, Numbah two, Derek (Derek) Jeetah (Jeetah)...Numbah two."

Bob Sheppard will be greatly missed in the Yankee and baseball community. RIP.


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