Yankees Trivia Question (Update With Answer)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So I got an idea today, being that it is a slow part of the year I decided to make some things interesting on the blog. We're going to post a Yankees trivia question at least once a week to at least the start of spring training to keep everyone in the baseball spirit. I also kind of got the idea from what happened on the Jay Leno Show last week when Denzel Washington stumped CC Sabathia in Yankees trivia.

I will post the questions and give 24 hours for the polls to close. I may extend it longer if we don't receive many votes, so if you read this VOTE! You can vote on the top right hand corner of the page. Even if you don't know it, vote, it will be fun. You can feel free to comment as well on who you think it is.

So today's question:

What Yankee has hit the most home runs in a single-regular season game?

A.) Babe Ruth
B.) Mickey Mantle
C.) Lou Gehrig
D.) Reggie Jackson

UPDATE 1/22: So, it looks like my idea didn't work out the way I wanted, only getting 3 votes. However, those 3 votes are the correct answer. Lou Gehrig hit 4 home runs on June 3, 1932 against the Philadelphia A's.

We;ll try this again next week, hopefully we have some more success.


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