McGwire Admits Steroid Use

Monday, January 11, 2010

Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire finally came clean today admitting to using steroids on and off during his career. McGwire broke Roger Maris's single-season home-run record in 1998 which many claim brought baseball back to popularity. McGwire apologized to Bud Selig and manager Tony LaRussa and said he "wished he never played in the steroid era."

In 2005 McGwire testified at a congressional hearing on the use of steroids in baseball and refused to answer any questions about himself or what he had done in the past. McGwire has been on the Hall of Fame ballot the last three years and hasn't received more than 30% of the vote every year.

This admission was prompted by McGwire becoming the new hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals this season. LaRussa said he never knew McGwire used steroids while he played for him and that this admission was the only time McGwire told him anything.

I think McGwire made the right move to admit he was wrong and used steroids. He is re-entering the baseball world as a coach and needed to come clean. This may be the beginning of cleaning up his reputation. Fans appreciate those who have been forthcoming about using steroids (A-Rod, Pettitte, Giambi (kinda)). On the other hand players such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, David Ortiz, and Rafael Palmeiro continue to deny using steroids and some of them find themselves in legal battles.


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