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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, there's been a whole lot of nothing going on in the baseball world the past week, and with football only playing once a week, it gets a bit boring in the sports world.

There was an interesting story on the Yankees Website about Javier Vazquez. In the article, he says he has no desire to pitch until he's 40 and he goes "year by year."

Now, with Brian Cashman becoming increasingly concerned about payroll flexibility, this may be a good thing for the Yankees. Vazquez has said that he had no desire to leave New York after the forgettable 2004 season, so he may be willing to accept a series of short-term contracts with the Yankees over the next several years. This would leave the Yankees the flexibility they want, while still having a dependable number 3 starter for a few years.

The Jets-Colts game is about to start. Sam Borden at the LoHud Yankees Blog talked about the crossover between Jets and Yankees fans. I have always seen it being more of a Yankees/Giants (like John and I) and a Mets/Jets correlation, but there are obviously some exceptions. And while some Giants and Jets fans feel the need to hate each other despite the fact that they only play once every every 4 or 5 years, I will in fact be rooting for the Jets this afternoon, but I don't know how well a rookie quarterback can handle Indy on the road. We'll find out soon enough, enjoy the game.

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