Dawson only member of 2010 Hall of Fame Class

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The National Baseball Hall of Fame just announced the 2010 Hall of Fame Class and the live announcement on the MLB Network lasted about 45 seconds.

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Andre Dawson was the only player to receive the necessary 75 percent of votes to gain entry into Cooperstown. Dawson finished with career numbers of .279 AVG, 2,774 hits, 438 home runs and 1,591 RBI's. Dawson will be inducted on July 25 in Cooperstown.

Notable snubs are Bert Blyleven, who missed by just five, FIVE!, votes and Roberto Alomar. Other players who were eligible were Edgar Martinez, Barry Larkin, Jack Morris, Lee Smith, and Fred McGriff.

UPDATE 2:54: John here, I just wanted to voice my two cents on the voting. The fact that Alomar did not get voted in is a joke. He was a 12-time All-Star and won 10 gold gloves and the best second-baseman of the 90's. I don't care about first-ballot, second-ballot, if you're a Hall of Famer you're a Hall of Famer. The only thing against Alomar is that he spit in an umpire's face once. So what? One incident shouldn't keep you out. As for Blylevin, he should have been in years ago. He has 287 wins, over 3,000 strikeouts and 60 shutouts. These two will get in next year, but I'm just disappointed that 1/4 the baseball writers left them off their ballots.

EDIT: My bad. Some of the stats I had on Blyleven are wrong. He had 60 shutouts, 242 complete games.


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