First Day of Spring Training Wrap-Up

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's the first day of spring training. The start of when the fans are happy and everybodys hopes are high (even Mets fans), the players are happy, and the managers are ready to get their team back into shape and right to work. It's been a long winter, but we no longer need the hot stove to keep us warm. Instead we have the images of the pitchers on the freshly cut green grass with the bright, beaming Florida sun shining down on them as they loosen their arms up for their first day of a long season ahead.

Now, you probably have heard what the deal was today for the Yankees, but if not, here is a quick rundown:

  • Pitchers and catchers reported to Steinbrenner (Legends?) Field today at noon, as well as some other players, including captain Derek Jeter and newcomer Curtis Granderson.
  • Joe Girardi spoke to reporters today and touched on a number of subjects. First, he said there needs to be some "ironing out" concerning the lineup. In other words, who bats where.
  • He also spoke about the role of the number 5 guy in the rotation. He set a deadline at March 25 for that to be determined. The front-runners are Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes and Girardi said that whoever does not get the job will most likely end up in the bullpen. He also reiterated that more than just Spring Training stats will factor into the decision.
  • Girardi also said he would put Granderson and Gardner both in leftfield during some games this spring training.
  • Finally, Girardi spoke about defending the Yankees 27th World Series Championship. He said, "The expectation here is the same every year...In a sense, you’re supposed to repeat every year… I don’t really consider (complacency) an issue because I know the people in the room.”

Here are some player quotes from today:

Phil Hughes:

"It's one of those things that's not a bad position to be in...To have three or four very capable guys to battle for one spot, I think a lot of teams would like to be in that situation. I'm not treating this spring any differently than any other. Last year, I just tried to come in and do everything I could do on the mound and see what happens."

Curtis Granderson:

"Change is always a good thing...I'm excited to get a chance to go to the defending world champions and learn from those guys over there. They've got great veterans and great players, [a] great coaching staff -- a great organization. I'm looking forward to all of those different things."

Jorge Posada:

"To repeat, you have to have a good team, and we have a very good team...It's all up to us to put it together like we did last year and click at the right times."

Javier Vazquez:

"It's great to be back...It's exciting; it's a blast having CC, A.J. and Andy. They're three great pitchers. I'm very excited to play with these guys."

Here is a link to some of the pictures taken at spring training today. Remember, there is a trivia question that expires midnight tomorrow so take a stab at it and enjoy. Baseball season has begun.

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