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Thursday, February 18, 2010

And that small step was taken by the Yankees pitchers from the right field line towards center field. A small group of fans cheered them on as they took the first steps in their quest for a 28th World Series Championship. Girardi talked about lightening the work load of his pitchers this spring. Jayson Stark of ESPN wrote about the positive vibe surrounding the Yankees as they enter Spring Training.

Sorry for the short post, but I'm getting ready to watch my fifth-ranked Syracuse Orange take on number 10 Georgetown. This is our big rivalry game, so hopefully Wes Johnson and Co. can recover from a bad loss on Sunday. Destroya the Hoyas!

Also, be sure to get your answers in for the Trivia Question!


UPDATE 6:54: John here, so Jim pretty much covered everything except one very big detail. It appears that Andy Pettitte has a mohawk. Check the fourth story on Yankees.com and look at Pettitte's hair. I am currently browsing the web for a better picture but if anyone has one send it to michaelkayssuccessors@yahoo.com so we can feature it on the blog. I just find this absolutely hilarious.


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