Swish! There It Is

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rays 2 8 0
Yankees 3 5 0

WP: Rivera (2-2)
LP: Wheeler )4-4)

PLAYER/PLAY/TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: I think it is safe to say that Nick Swisher falls under all these categories. He had two homeruns, making him the player of the game. One of which was a 9th inning walk-off, making it the play and turning point of the game. For a guy who had 3 home runs at Yankee Stadium all year, he hit two today. He now has 26 on the season. He cost us Wilson Betemit.


  • Jeter had another hitless day, and he seems to be pressing. It was his first time since 1997 against Curt Schilling that he struck out 3 times in one game. But it's only a matter of time before he gets it.
  • Phil Hughes showed he is human today. Let's see how he responds next time out, hopefully it was just a fluke and its out of his system before the playoffs.
  • Chad Gaudin the Man did an effective job against a pretty tough Rays lineup, but comes away with a no deciision.


Yankees vs Rays 7:05 ET

Niemann vs Joba

See Ya!


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