Red Sox fan teacher in Central New York harasses Yankee fan student

Friday, September 25, 2009

Being in Syracuse, I get more news from the Central New York Area than anywhere else, and one of my roommates brought this story to my attention.

Nathan Jones, a fourth grade student (keep that in mind A FOURTH GRADER!) at Van Buren Elementary School was forced to turn his Yankee T-Shirt inside out for the entire day because his teacher is a Red Sox fan, besides being a (insert descriptive adjective here) jerk.

Nathan was then teased by 5th graders and other students for the rest of the day because his CC Sabathia shirt was inside out. After the parents filed a complaint to the school principle, the issue was apparently resolved. The article did not disclose the punishment for the teacher, Peter Addabbo, who has Red Sox paraphernalia in his classroom, according to the article.

While doing some research on the Internet (isn't Google great?) I found Addabbo's school-hosted website, where he can put assignments and tell the parents what the students are doing in class. NOWHERE does he mention, between Math, Social Studies, Lunch, and Recess, humiliating, bullying and harassing his students.

I'm not vindictive or stupid (what if there's someone else with the same name) enough to link to it, but Google-ing his name may or may not bring up a possible Facebook page.

This instantly reminded me of a similar (but even more ridiculous) story from 2006. (Yeah, I wish I could remember important things from 3 years ago, but no, I remember things like this). This one involves a Steelers fan teacher and a Broncos fan student.

But I think this story is a rallying point for the weekend. Let's say the Yankees sweep the Red Sox, clinch the AL East, and reach 100 wins, all while putting a dent in Boston's wild-card lead. Little Nathan would be able to walk into his class Monday (or Tuesday depending on the holiday schedule) wearing an authentic Yankee Jersey (which the Yankees should send him if they hear about the story) and basically flip his teacher off.

Let's win this one for Nathan!


John Healy September 25, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

i would liek to add the only solution to this problem would be for the teacher to wear a yankees shirt everyday for the rest of the year

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