A-Rod Investigation and Some Spring Training Fun

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sorry for not posting much lately. Technology has not been on my side this last week and I've been busy. Just when you thought it would be a quiet spring training for Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod was contacted by the FBI yesterday regarding an investigation of Canadian doctor Andrew Galea who is accused of selling unapproved drugs. A-Rod did not comment about whether or not he was treated by Dr. Galea, but the Yankees released a statement saying that they were never in contact with Dr. Galea and was not suppose to be treating A-Rod.

On a lighter note, Joe Girardi called off practice today and took the team to an arcade where they participated in games such as skee ball, Pop-A-Shot and Indy Car. A.J. Burnett won the Indy Car game, while pitching prospect Andrew Brackman won Skee Ball and left handed reliever Royce Ring won Pop-A-Shot.

If you remember last year, Girardi took the team to play pool which Mariano Rivera was the winner. The point of this activity is to get the teams mind off baseball a little and get to know one another.

I'll try and get a trivia question up. It's the last week before Spring Break so I'm pretty busy with work right now.


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