2010 Projections: Pitching

Monday, March 29, 2010

Every year since about the sixth grade I have wrote down the list of players on the Yankees and predict their stats for the upcoming season. We'll break it down over the next couple of days before we give you our regular season and postseason predictions as well as our predictions for awards. These are just predictions and don't usually mean anything (last year I wrote that Chien Ming Wang would win 18 games) but it's fun and everyone else is doing it. Today we'll start with pitching.

CC Sabathia-- 18-6, 3.23 ERA, 209 K's
A.J. Burnett-- 15-9, 3.75 ERA, 198 K's
Andy Pettitte--13-10, 4.03 ERA, 163 K's
Javier Vazquez-- 13-8, 3.90 ERA, 185 K's
Phil Hughes-- 10-9, 4.23 ERA, 160 K's

Mariano Rivera 3-3, 41 saves, 1.91 ERA, 73 K's
Joba Chamberlain 5-4, 4 saves, 3.47 ERA 80 K's
David Robertson 6-2, 2.92 ERA, 87 K's,
Damaso Marte 3-5, 4.01 ERA, 40K
Sergio Mitre 3-4, 4.87 ERA, 52 K's
Alfredo Aceves 5-4, 4.46 ERA 48 K's

Tomorrow we will have our infield/catcher projections.


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