Smooth Criminal: Damon's steals spark Yanks to win

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yankees 7 9 1
Phillies 4 8 1

WP: Chamberlain
LP: Lidge
S: Rivea

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PLAYER OF THE GAME: Johnny Damon went 3-5 with an RBI and 2 runs scored. One of those runs was the winning run off of a A-Rod double.

PLAY OF THE GAME: A-Rod's go-ahead double in the ninth inning off of Brad Lidge. Just another clutch postseason hit for A-Rod.

TURNING POINT OF THE GAME: Damon's at-bat, and stolen base(s). With 2 outs, Damon got on and then stole second and third because of the shift on Teixeira.


  • Well, I don't have to tell you, but I love saying it: The Yankees are one win away from winning the World Series.. They have 3 games to win 1 game. Their first chance will be tomorrow against Cliff Lee.
  • I loved the Damon steal for several reasons. One, simply stealing second was a good play because it puts him in scoring position. Then, obviously taking third the way he did, in my opinion, took something away from Lidge's focus. He plunked Tex, gave up the double to A-Rod, then gave up the 2-run single and a half to Posada.
  • A-Rod got plunked for the third time in two games in the first inning. Alex was heard telling the umpire, "That's the third time, it's kind of obvious." In contrast to Tim McCarver's opinion (which he felt the need to tells us many, many, many times), I believe it was intentional. I don't think Blanton was trying to injure him, but using it as an intentional walk, and saving three pitches. And then warning the dugouts is just bogus, especially if you aren't going to throw people out when the hit people (like Lidge with Tex in the 9th, but lucky for us they didn't toss him).
  • AJ Burnett will go in Game 5 on three-day's rest against Cliff Lee. Lee will be trying to save the Phillies season and AJ will be looking to clinch a World Series title.

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