What Happened?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seriously I don't know what to say. A.J. Burnett was willing his way to a quality start. The Stadium was loud. The Yankees were winning. Then Mark Teixeira's hamstring blew out. The stadium went dead. Joe Girardi starts deciding to intentionally walk the fearful (I'm being sarcastic) David Murphy with 2 outs and Joba warming and leaves Burnett in to face Bengie Molina who is raking in the playoffs, and next thing you know it's 5-3 and Molina's rounding the bases.

It didn't end there. Girardi brought in Robertson for the 7th inning and he gets the first two outs nice and quick. Then for God knows why, he brings in Boone Logan when David Robertson is perfectly capable of getting left-handers out to face Josh Hamilton. What does Logan do? Gives up a home run. 6-3.

It didn't end there. The Yankees loaded the bases in the 8th down 7-3 with Swisher and Berkman coming up and niether one can get a hit or push a run across. Sergio Mitre entered the ninth and well, a slow and painful death became even slower and more painful as I left and didn't bother to watch the rest of the ninth.

By no means is this series over. But it felt like the life of the team, fans, and everyone was taken out the moment Tex went down. CC is on the mound tonight. He's came up big for us before. If he do his job and send it back to Texas, just maybe, there's some hope.

As Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over till it's over."


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