Pettitte Not Quite There

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just tuned into the Yankee game and saw a great play by Brett Gardner to throw somebody out. But the news I want to talk about is Andy Pettitte. Pettitte threw a simulated game today and threw 50 pitches. However, Pettitte said it was a 75 percent effort. Girardi has said Pettitte will ahve to throw one more simulated game before making a rehab start, and the date that is set for that game is Wednesday. So it's looking like about another week-and-a-half before Pettitte returns.

So this seems like a semi-setback for Pettitte, but as any Yankee fan will tell you, all we need to do is hold our ground on first place and let Pettitte not rush his way back to the rotation. Pettitte is a vital part of this team's postseason rotation and the Yankees need to make sure he's 100 percent healthy and vintage Pettitte when October comes.


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