Burnett Bombed....Again

Sunday, June 27, 2010

With AJ Burnett you know you're going to get either Good AJ or Bad AJ. I guess good AJ must be on summer vacation or something, because it's been all Bad AJ all the time in the month of June. Take a look at his last five games:

Jun 26@LADL 9-43.066606531792022L(6-7)- 5.25
Jun 21@ARIL 10-44.0977324611912318L(6-6)- 4.83
Jun 16PHIL 6-33.166624349872123L(6-5)- 4.33
Jun 10@BALL 4-36.2844115914953146L(6-4)- 3.86
Jun 4@TORL 6-16.06663429121032734L(6-3)- 3.72

He might have better luck throwing the ball left handed...with a blind fold on. At least Javier Vazquez seems to have pulled himself together a little with a 3-1 record and a 3.00 ERA in June. Unfortunately for him, his ERA started at 12 so even a month with a 3.00 ERA only brings it down to a still horrible 5.16. John and i have had the conversation about not even trusting AJ to pitch in the playoffs at this point. So the Yanks are paying a long reliever $16.5 million. And not even a good long reliever, right now I wouldn't even trust AJ with a lead.


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